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Lesson 2 in 3D Sequence Illustration

Lesson Information

In this lesson, Nick will show you how to create sets using a blend of custom modeling and 3D assets. First, you'll plan out your set design and block things out with primitives. Then by building on top of these basic structures with pre-made kits, you'll see just how quickly your set can come to life. Once you have an idea of which parts will be photographed, you'll go back and fine-tune each visible area of the set. 

Set Design Exploration

Explore your world by creating several pages of thumbnail sketches. Once you start to define the look, create a bird's-eye view sketch of your environment. You will use this later to help lay out your digital set in 3D space. 

Populating the Scene

Import your 3D characters and start to compose them in your scene. Once you have the characters placed, use 3D primitives to block out your set based on the general designs from your thumbnail sketches. 

Deploying Assets

Prepare and deploy your 3D assets and kits to populate your environment. Once you have your assets in place, you can begin to alter your set by customizing the 3D models and textures. 


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Lesson Plan

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