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Lesson 1 in 3D Sequence Illustration

Lesson Information

In this lesson, Nick will first cover the basic terms and tools involved with sequence illustration. You will then craft a story concept and jump into Daz 3D to begin creating your own character. From here, you'll take your character to Maya to layer on even more detail. Nick will even cover how to alter your 3D textures in Photoshop or Substance Painter. 

Craft Your Story

Use the Brief Builder Tool to create your own unique set of variables for your story. 

Get Inspired

Search for reference and inspiration for your character and environment designs. Find the right mood, vibe and tone that fit your Brief Builder and define your world. 

Character Creator

Use Daz 3D to customize and design your 3D character(s). Push these designs as far as you can in Daz, but don't worry too much about getting it perfect. You will learn to further alter the models and textures to fit your designs in the following chapter.

Character Upgrades

Customize your character(s) in Maya or any other 3D app to fit your designs. Once you have your model updated, alter the textures in Photoshop or Substance Painter. When you've finalized your designs, create a render or turntable of your 3D character. 


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Hi Nick. Great course. I have a question about characters and DAZ. Is it possible to adjust characters or create characters with Brush (or other 3D SOFTWARE) and import them in to DAZ (again) to pose all of the different poses that I would need? I know I can use maximo, but posing in DAZ is much better. And another thing that I find difficult to find any free or paid tutorials on is how to treat textures when importing/copying models from kit bash sets. Emmanuel Shiu said in the interview on kit bash 3D when he made a cover for one of the sets that he deleted all of the textures and added just one of them on all, since he was going to paint over it all anyway. My renders suffer from either being to heavy or looking like a cheap model instead of photorealistic. Even if I add dept of fields, etc. You said something about this in chapter 2, but I still feel that I dont have good enough understanding of this part. Do you have any suggestions or knowledge of where I could learn about this specific topics? (I use Modo. And I just started using blender. Maya is to expensive for me right now) Anyway, thank you for a great course, just what I needed:)

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Not a full answer to your questions but in case you weren't aware, there is a substantial discount now Maya. Believe it's $500 for an indy license for the year. Still a lot I understand but less then what I was paying out of pocket recently.

Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

Check out some of the amazing work Character students have created by doing their homework.