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Lesson 3 in Substance Designer Essentials

Lesson Information

In this Lesson you will begin creating your final Substance material, integrating all the things you've learned so far. After this, you'll learn how to organize your graphs for future use, a necessary skill when working professionally as part of a team. By the end of this Lesson you'll be ready to bring your textures into Marmoset.

Final Material

Create a hard surface or organic material, applying all the knowledge you've learned from the Course so far. Utilize tiling patterns and height blends to layer different graphs and create something unique.

Extra Credit

Expose parameters to create different damage states.

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Oh man, the total damage of that sidewalk at 11:15 is awesome. How cool would it be to somehow make a highpoly mesh out of this height and bring it into Zbrush and later do a low poly out of that! I sense there might be a way, but not really sure?

Lesson Plan