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Substance Basics

Lesson 1 in Substance Designer Essentials

Lesson Information

Here Javier will cover the basics of Substance Designer. After going through the UI and its features, you'll become familiar with all the nodes that will help you to craft your projects. Lastly, the Tile Sampler node will take center stage, and you will see the limitless potential of this powerful tool. By the end of this Lesson you will have created your own set of bricks or concrete tiles.

Creating Tiling Patterns

Spend some time getting to know the UI of Substance Designer, and familiarizing yourself with the different nodes. Then, create a tiling brick pattern with some damage. 

Extra Credit

Create two additional tiling patterns with damage. 


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thanks for the lesson!

A few quick notes-

I just figured out that displacement doesn't show properly without connecting the same nodes to normal output. Dunno, does it mentioned in the lesson or not. I may have missed it.

anyway - is there any hotkeys like "connect current node to the (diffuse, normal, etc outputs)?

Even though I use Substance Designer frequently I learned some useful tips dialing it back and watching the essentials course. Towards the middle to end of the "Shapes" section and thereafter. Worth the time spent.

Lesson Plan