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Detailed Weapon Creation

Lesson 2 of 2 Rethinking Weapon Design

Now that you've learned the basics of Luis' unique approach to weapon design, you will use this lesson to create several finished weapon concepts of your own. Luis will go through advanced methods for silhouette creation, iteration and refining your designs, as well as ways you can repurpose existing finished designs to make an entirely new set of concepts. You will also learn to present what you've made in a way that will be compelling to clients or other potential viewers.

This course uses various melee weapons in order to teach you Luis' technique, but you can use these lessons to create any kind of weapon you choose. To demonstrate this, Luis finishes the course with an 'epilogue' chapter, in which he quickly shows how the same technique applies to various other weapon classes. 

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  • Bits and Pieces

    Using all the techniques you've learned in this chapter, create a weapon from concept to completion. You can also choose to further refine your design from the previous lesson. For extra credit, create alt versions of your design. Upload your work to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

  • With a Box of Scraps

    Now that you've completed your first set of weapon designs, apply those existing creations to a totally new set of silhouettes. For extra credit, create an alternate version made from a different material. Upload your finished work to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

  • Shape is Everything

    Experiment with several silhouettes, eventually landing on 3-4 of your favorites. Even though these will be used for asymmetrical weapon designs, you can still design the silhouettes symmetrically and cut out an asymmetrical shape later. 

  • Different Sides

    Create two new weapon designs, but this time they should be asymmetrical. This can be a challenge, so don't be surprised if it takes more time. For extra credit, create two more alternate versions of your design. Upload your finished work to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    Now that you've finished your main weapon concepts, use this homework assignment to create something that differs from those designs completely. Choose a totally new weapon class, genre, or scale. Upload your finished work to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

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