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Creating Your Sketch

Lesson 1 in Organic Sculpting

Lesson Information

In this first lesson, Arsen will help you to harness your artistic inspirations and unleash your creativity. You'll learn about Arsen's journey through the art world, and he will break down three of his previous pieces so you can see what made those sculptures tick. Then you'll come up with your own concept, gather references, and create the sketches that will inspire your design for the rest of this course. 

Define Your Project

Come up with a brief for your sculpt using either the Brief Builder tool or app, then collect a set of references.

Sketching Away

Create 5-10 sketches of your concept. Then upload your sketches to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

Extra Credit

Pick the sketches you like the most and refine them. Upload these to the Learn Squared homework gallery as well.


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I'm very excited. Arsen, I'm so glad you decided to teach us, so thank you and thank you to the Learnsquared team! I've waited a long time for a course like this! I also welcome all students! I wish everyone good luck in completing homework.

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