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Plan and Sketch

Lesson 1 of 5 Mastering Film UI

In this lesson, Kris will go over the basics of interface design and help you build your own project concept. You'll finish the lesson by creating your first rough planning sketches. 

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  • Project Planning Homework

    Create a brief, break down the various tasks you want to tackle, and consider how you might integrate your design into the larger world of your project.

    If you plan to use the plates and other assets included with this course, then study what Kris has provided, and try to make your design fit into the world already established. Even if you use Kris' assets or follow his brief, your own UI designs don't need to resemble what he makes in any way. Stay creative and keep an open mind!

    If you'd rather use your own plates or world design, then you can do this same planning with your own custom assets! 

  • Research and Ideation Homework

    Write a list of simple keywords to describe your project, and find reference images to guide your work as it goes forward. Finally, make some initial design sketches. This assignment won't be your last chance to create sketches for the project, so don't worry over details or execution. Stay loose and quick with these, and let the ideas flow! 

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