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Design in 3D

Lesson 3 in Industrial Design Foundations

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Designing products for the real world more often than not requires some work in CAD. In this lesson, you'll learn what CAD is, how it works, and begin building your product in 3D. Tim will cover his techniques for crafting meaningful detail and how to implement it into your product.


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Thank you so much for providing the real time modeling process!
I get it that you care more about teaching the principles rather than the tool itself but as a beginner cad user I feel necessary practicing step by step each and every move.

I'm just getting to the 3D portion of the course now and I'm really surprised and disappointed that Tim isn't actually modeling. Instead, he's just showing each part and talking about it. The course has been really good up until this part...

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Hi Mitchell, for the sake of the class run time I had to limit the parts that are modeled in real time to specific sections. I did record the entire modeling process for every part of the class in real time if you would like to watch, and that should be made available in the course archive soon.

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