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Lesson 3 of 4 Hard Surface Design

This lesson will cover various aspects of rendering and texturing your model. First, Lars will take you through his preferred rendering software and build an example scene to show the basics. At this stage you'll learn how to apply textures and shaders to your prop to boost realism and readability. Lars will also take you through his process for designing and implementing labels to accompany his models. At the end of this lesson, you will have a fully textured hard surface design, ready for the paintover stage. 

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  • Testing Things Out

    Using a similar scene to what Lars created, test out the various aspects of KeyShot (or the software of your choice) by playing around with different geometry and properties.

  • Material World

    Apply all desired materials to your design. Take your time here, consult your references, and add touches to enhance the realism of your prop. Upload 2-3 screenshots of your design to the Learn Squared homework gallery. For extra credit, upload even more images. 

  • Proper Planning

    Create any necessary labels, text, imagery or branding that might appear on your prop. Then spend some time planning out where each of these items will be placed. These don't need to be perfect, as you will further refine the label designs and placements in the next chapter.  

  • Put a Label On It

    Now that you have your labels planned out, begin creating the final, polished versions of your labels. Implement each one onto your prop, according to the plan you created earlier. Upload screenshots of your prop to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

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