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Lesson 2 in Hard Surface Design

Lesson Information

Now that you've blocked out your design, you will begin modeling and refining. First, Lars will take you through his preferred software and give you various tips and tricks to keep in mind while modeling. Next, you'll import your blockout and begin tracing its shapes to create a more consistent look. After this, Lars will go through his three-stage modeling process, in which he continuously builds detail without overly focusing on any one part. At the end of this lesson, you will have a fully modeled design, ready for texturing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Either follow along with the prop Lars created in this chapter, or create your own prop with a similar level of complexity. Focus less on making an exact copy, and more on evoking the main shapes. 

Spring Cleaning

Import your design into Fusion 360 and trace it using the same methods Lars used in this chapter. Focus on creating a cleaner version of what you blocked out previously, with more coherent design language overall.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Use Lars' method of setting up links to better organize your model. Try to find appropriate chunks to divide the various aspects of your design. This will majorly help you in future phases of the process. 

One, Two, Three

Apply the primary, secondary and tertiary phases of modeling to your prop. Take a few screenshots before each phase, as well as a few at the end, so you can compare the 'before and after' of each separate stage.


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