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Group Shot

Lesson 5 of 5 Grounded Costume Design

In this lesson, you will learn to make several kinds of useful deliverables to show off your characters. In addition to a full group shot of your characters posed in a scene, you'll create 3D turntables, graphics sheets, and a quick line art layout.  

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  • Group Shot Posing Homework

    For this homework, first take the original character you designed in 2D and create a 3D modeled version. You may be surprised how quickly this can go, when you reuse some assets from your other 3D character! After this, pose your two 3D characters in a scene together. Consider the composition and lighting of the scene, and the readability of the costume. Don't worry about making it perfect though, there will be more chances to refine this image later in the lesson. 

  • 3D Turntables Homework

    Create 3D turntables for your characters individually, and also grouped together, making three turntables in total. Consider what pose can best show off each costume from all sides. Add projection textures onto your model as well, to increase its quality. Finally, render out each turntable as a video. 

  • Final 2D Group Shot Homework

    Return to the main group shot you were working on earlier in the lesson, and add all the finishing techniques required to bring it to completion. For a quick boost in quality, replace the original group shot's 3D models with the improved ones you created for your turntables. After this, add in any photobashing or paintover techniques your image needs to become portfolio-ready. This will be your 'hero shot' from the course, so take your time to make it look as nice as possible! 

  • Further Deliverables Homework

    Now it's time to create any extra deliverables you feel your costume needs to really sell the design. This could involve graphics pages to show off small-scale logos or designs on your costume, it could involve creating a quick line art back view of your first character, or it could involve creating more deliverables using any of the finishing techniques shown in the course to display new angles or poses. Finally, add a standardized graphical treatment to frame all your images and videos, making them feel truly cohesive. 

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