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Advanced Character

Lesson 4 of 5 Grounded Costume Design

This lesson will involve creating a more advanced character, built entirely in 3D. Adam will cover how to rig and pose the character, create a 3D environment, and even design a prop!

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  • Second Character Planning Homework

    Plan out ideas for your second character and costume design, trying to keep this character feeling like they live within the same world as the previous one. Then create sketches of this new character. Now is your chance to add any ideas you couldn't fit into the first character, so have fun with it!

  • Initial Costume Modeling Homework

    Now that you've planned out your second character, it's time to start fleshing them out in 3D. You can implement downloaded 3D assets, or model everything yourself if you choose. If you're ever feeling stuck, you can also try taking a screenshot of your design and doing a quick planning paintover to come up with ideas.

  • Feedback Homework

    For this homework, reach out to a trusted friend or colleague to ask for feedback on your design. Make sure to be concise with your description of the project, and polite in asking for help. Recording a quick video can make it easier to get all your thoughts together while also pointing out sections of your design. After you hear back, implement any changes you think are necessary. 

  • Second Character Posing Homework

    Rig your character using whichever of Adam's methods you prefer, and then create a good pose for them to use in this lesson's artwork. Keep in mind Adam's tips about posing, and how more dynamic looks aren't always better. Consider including a rough blockout for a prop as well, if you'd like to design a prop during the upcoming 'prop design' chapter. 

  • Prop Design Homework

    Design a prop for your character, if the design calls for it. Consider ways you can make the prop feel integrated with the character, by incorporating aspects of the costume's color, scale or other elements. 

  • Second Character Finalizing Homework

    Create the scene where your character will be situated in 3D, render out your character, and finalize the design using all the 2D techniques you've learned throughout the course. After this, create a back view as well, saving time by incorporating elements from your earlier front view where appropriate. 

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