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2D Design Phase

Lesson 2 of 5 Grounded Costume Design

Now you will begin building out a fully realized costume design using primarily 2D techniques. Adam will cover various photobash and paintover methods to make your visuals really come alive.

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  • Photobash Base Homework

    Bring your favorite character sketch from the previous homework into Photoshop, create a background for your image, and build in a base of photobash elements to enhance your original sketch. Don't worry about getting too detailed too early, you will be further refining this base as the lesson continues. 

  • Planning the Details Homework

    Now that you have a photobash base for your image, take a moment to sketch over your work with any further ideas. This stage can help to plan out details before having to commit to full photobash implementation. Feel free to return to this stage at any future point during the course as well, whenever you need. 

  • Texture Details Homework

    In this homework, you'll focus on the texturing, weathering and breakdown of your costume. Adam covered various ways to accomplish such a look in this chapter, so use whatever combination of these methods works best for your image. 

  • Supplementary Details Homework

    In this homework, you will add any supplementary details needed for your specific character and costume. Think about what might help your costume to feel more grounded within its world. You can also try sending your design to friends or colleagues for feedback or suggestions. 

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