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Initial Concepts

Lesson 1 of 5 Grounded Costume Design

In this lesson, you'll explore what makes great costume design, hunt for reference material and begin working on sketches for your own costume concept. 

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  • First Costume Planning Homework

    Generate a brief for the character and costume you want to create, and begin gathering reference. Keep the three pillars of Role, Location, and Age/Gender/Ethnicity in mind.

    Note: You can visit the free Learn Squared Brief Builder at www.briefbuilder.app

  • Character Base Homework

    Use Daz 3D to create a quick character base, then bring a screenshot or render of that character base into Photoshop to prepare for the upcoming sketching process.

    Note: You can download the free Daz 3D software for Windows or Mac at www.daz3d.com

  • Initial Concepts Homework

    Now it's time to create your costume sketches. You can do your sketches right on top of an image of the Daz 3D base you created earlier. Don't worry about making each design perfect. You can abandon, iterate on, and cannibalize your own designs as you go, in order to arrive at what you think looks best. Once you have several sketches created, decide on a final character sketch to move forward with in the next lesson. 

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