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Lesson 3 in Freelance Illustration

Lesson Information

Tran will begin this lesson by showing you everything she uses to create her paintings, from paints and colored pencils to proper workspace organization. You'll go over several different ways to apply your brush, including Tran's preferred method of glazing. After this, you'll block in values and bring your image to life. By the end of this lesson, your painting will look very close to its final form.

Mix It Up

Spend some time getting to know your tools by experimenting with combinations of paint and colored pencils.

Get Your Feet Wet

Experiment with the various wet and dry painting techniques. Try different mixtures of water to find your ideal consistency.


Flesh out your illustration with paint. Make sure to step back and assess every once in a while, so you don't get lost in the details.

Extra Credit

Photograph your progress throughout the painting process. This will let you evaluate your approach.


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I love watching her paint and chalk out amazing levels of detail. It's so satisfying.
As an Illustration student, these tips are super insightful. Thanks for your informative lessons Tran!

Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

Check out some of the amazing work Painting students have created by doing their homework.