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Lesson 8 of 8 Environment Concept Art

Purchasers of Environment Concept Art also get this second beginner-friendly ZBrush Basics course in its entirety. It has been uploaded as a bonus lesson within Environment Concept Art.

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  • Basic Manipulation Challenge Homework

    Create a very basic object using the tools you learned about in this lesson. Remember that Pablo is a trained professional, and your own creation will likely take more time than his. Just focus on solving each creative or technical hurdle as it comes your way!

  • Basic Masking Challenge Homework

    Utilizing masking techniques, along with your new knowledge of subtools and subdivisions, make a new creation in ZBrush. This doesn't need to be related to what you made in the previous challenge—for each challenge, you should focus on making something best suited to the tools you're using! 

  • Creating with Cuts Challenge Homework

    Use the different methods of cutting you learned in this lesson to create something new in ZBrush.

    For extra credit, you can try making two different objects: one primarily with the knife tool, and one primarily with booleans. 

  • Small Details Challenge Homework

    Using the various methods you learned in this lesson, create something new in ZBrush. If you can't utilize every different one of this lesson's tools while making a single sculpt, it's worth creating more than one object, if only to practice the various skills and tools Pablo mentioned in these chapters. 

  • Brush and Mask Challenge Homework

    Using primarily brushes and the further masking techniques you learned in this lesson, create a new sculpt in ZBrush. Earlier, Pablo showed how to approach this challenge in two different ways. You can aim for whichever level of complexity you feel most comfortable with.

    Or for extra credit, you can make two sculpts: one more simple and one more advanced!

  • Extract Challenge Homework

    Using either the default Extract tool, or Pablo's recommended Extract Pro+ plugin, create something in ZBrush using primarily these new techniques you learned. 

  • Hard Surface Sculpt Challenge Homework

    Collect a set of reference images, then sculpt your own hard surface asset using that reference in ZBrush. What you create doesn't need to match the reference 100%, but the images should act as a guideline for you to work from.

    Note: You can use the free software PureRef ( to collect the images you find for this assignment. 

  • Organic Sculpt Challenge Homework

    Find a new set of organic reference images, and create an organic sculpt based on that reference. Once again, what you create doesn't need to exactly match the reference, but you can use those images as a guide as you move forward.

    Note: You can use the free software PureRef ( to collect the images you find for this assignment. 

  • Free Sculpt Challenge Homework

    Collect reference of anything you choose, and sculpt something of your own design. This can be something that deviates greatly from the reference images, or something that combines multiple reference images together. You can also sculpt something entirely from imagination, if you prefer. We suggest trying to incorporate both hard surface and organic elements into the same sculpt, as a way of tying together everything you've learned! 

  • UV Projection Challenge Homework

    Take one of the sculpts you previously created in this course, and set up your UVs. 

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