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Animated Sequence

Lesson 7 of 8 Environment Concept Art

In this lesson, you will turn one of your concept art images into a high-quality animated sequence. 

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  • Establishing the Movement Homework

    First, using blockout techniques, establish an animation that shows off your environment most effectively. Then, replace the animated element with its high-res version and render out that element on its own. You don't need to create an animation as complex as the one Pablo made, you can do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    Note: If you'd like to incorporate the spaceship Pablo used in this chapter, the model is included in this lesson's downloadable project files.


  • Projection Prep Homework

    In this step you'll get ready for Blender Projection. First try projecting your finished concept art painting onto the scene, and see how it looks. After this, go into Photoshop and separate out each layer, filling in the blank sections, and save out each layer out as its own image just like Pablo did during this chapter. 

  • Blender Projection Homework

    Now you'll want to add in the various projections you created, planning out and projecting any new terrain needed for your animation as well. This doesn't need to look final yet, as we will be creating more refined matte paintings in the next chapter. However, everything the camera sees should be covered by a projection by the end of this homework. 

  • Matte Painting Homework

    Finalize all your matte paintings, checking to make sure the seams are not visible. Then add any final effects into the scene and render out your animation. 

  • Final Comp Homework

    Create the final comp of your animation in the software of your choice. Take your time here, and add in any effects or tweaks you think necessary to make the shot look as good as possible. Congratulations on reaching the end of the course!

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