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Advanced Set Design

Lesson 2 of 3 Dynamic Concept Art II

In this lesson you'll design multiple full scenes which include your hero asset and a slew of custom supporting assets. First, Louis will go through several advanced composition techniques to keep your designs as dynamic as possible. You'll gather reference, block out a basic idea, and then continue refining until you have a fully populated, textured and lit scene. Louis will show how to create multiple sets within the same world, and how to use interesting camera angles to create several renders for each finished set. 

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  • Envision Your World

    Gather a set of references for the set designs you want to create. This might mean finding images with compelling shape, texture, lighting, cinematography or other elements- whatever helps you get inspired for the world you want to create. 

  • Set the Scene

    Sketch, block out and refine your first set design in 3D. Find a compelling composition, texture and light your scene. Once you're happy with your initial layout, create a few more keyframe renders from new angles. Upload these to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

  • Movie Night

    Choose a set of compelling images from your favorite films and analyze what makes those shots so great. Consider composition, focal length, flow, lighting, storytelling and all the other elements you've learned about in this chapter. 

  • One For Luck

    Create another set design within your world. You can reuse assets from your original set design, but try to capture a different facet of the story or scene. Render at least four keyframes from this second set design, and upload these images to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

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