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Hero Asset

Lesson 1 of 3 Dynamic Concept Art II

You'll begin by planning out a hero asset for your project, which can be anything from a character to a vehicle to a prop. Louis will take you through several advanced fundamentals to help you create the best design possible. You will then block out your idea, using either VR or your preferred 3D software, and refine that model further in precision 3D. In addition to showing off hard surface techniques, Louis will go over how to design characters and costumes for your world. Finally, you will present your asset in 3D turntable form, and create simplified line sketches to show off various aspects of the design. 

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  • It All Starts Here

    Map out your brief, story, visual plan and asset list. Decide on a hero asset and think through its functionality. Next, gather references and create some quick 2D or 3D sketches for your hero asset. This will prepare you for the blocking stage later in the lesson. 

  • Something From Nothing

    Create the blockout for your hero asset, using whichever 3D method you prefer. Always keep in mind the connection between form and function, and stay experimental to come up with interesting ideas. 

  • All Dressed Up

    Return to your hero asset to add final textures, light the scene and get everything ready for presentation. The goal here is to clearly show off your hero asset, so don't worry about big, sweeping compositions. Those will come later in the course! 

  • Adding Definition

    Take your blockout to the refinement stage by adding details and basic textures in your preferred 3D software. This is a great time to revisit the shape and function of the design. What story can you tell about your world through this hero asset? 

  • Add Some Personality

    Create one or more characters to populate your scene. If you've already been working on a character as your hero asset, use this homework to create extra background characters. Try to estimate how close your character might get to the camera, and plan the details accordingly. 

  • Spin Me Round

    Create a few turntable renders to show off your hero asset. Start off by making a turntable in default conditions, but then try some variations in lighting or texture. Upload these to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

  • Line Up

    Create a line art presentation for your hero asset design. This would involve showing the asset from multiple angles, with the most important facets clearly visible. Upload your finished line renders to the Learn Squared homework gallery.

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