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Design for Production: Animation

  • instructor

- Michael Rigley

  • apprentice

- Joey Camacho

  • apprentice

- Peter Clark

Bring your designs to life as award-winning art director Michael Rigley guides you through his entire 3D animation and production workflow. Start off by planning out your scenes, experiment with the editorial process, learn detailed 3D animation techniques in Cinema 4D, and finish up by compositing in After Effects. Whether you’re taking this course as a follow-up to Design for Production: Workflow, or just want to follow along and sharpen your skills, this class will teach you professional workflows to produce incredible projects of your own.

Student Gallery

Design for Production: Animation

Submitting my homework for Finishing. Thank you Michael for the detailed tutorials and for taking us through the process.

Wow, it's taken me a while to get to this point. I found after the first course that my whole concept wasn't really solid enough to base a full length animation off of so I went back to square one.

As a comet flys through the cosmos we see the elements of existence start to coalese into spheres reflecting each of those elements, fire, life, shadow etc.

The best class I've ever had.

- Minhyung Chun

i made a short movie out of my Process
here are some shots and the Teaser

CATUÇABA is the first of a series of four short animated filmes that focus on different emotions, this one represents goodness and hope. It has a personal narrative which shows that even the darkest of times do not last forever and goodness always has the potential to be back in our lives, even when it seems impossible.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects
Optional Software: 
Octane Render, X-Particles, Adobe Premiere Pro