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The award-winning Art Director and designer Michael Rigley is as solid and professional as they come. Regardless of the challenge, he meets his clients' briefs with an elite pipeline that will crush any production targets on his path.
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Course Overview

Bring your designs to life as award-winning art director Michael Rigley guides you through his entire 3D animation and production workflow. Start off by planning out your scenes, experiment with the editorial process, learn detailed 3D animation techniques in Cinema 4D, and finish up by compositing in After Effects. Whether you’re taking this course as a follow-up to Design for Production: Workflow, or just want to follow along and sharpen your skills, this class will teach you professional workflows to produce incredible projects of your own.

Lesson Plan

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Software Used
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects
Optional Software
Octane Render, X-Particles, Adobe Premiere Pro