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Final Illustrations

Lesson 4 of 4 Designing Better Characters

Now that the designs have been finished, you can start creating an illustration which utilizes your character and prop together. In this lesson Wouter will create two separate images, each with its own distinct tone. These will utilize a blend of 2D and 3D by placing the character in a scene, lighting them, then creating linework and detail on top. The focus here will be on using composition, dynamic lighting and post-processing to create a compelling overall scene. 

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  • Name a More Iconic Duo

    Create a final illustration of your character and prop interacting with each other. See if you can use this signature item to enhance the story of the character you've made. Be sure to do your designs justice by placing the character and prop prominently in the frame. Finally, upload your completed work to the Learn Squared site.

  • Set the Scene

    Create some rough composition sketches for your illustration(s). Don't worry about making these sketches pretty. They're meant more for function, as a way to help you create a good composition for your final image. 

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