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Lesson 3 of 4 Creative Illustration

In this lesson, you will come up with an interesting environment for your character to live in. Using all the concepting methods you learned eariler, you will thumbnail, define and iterate on your scene. At the end of this lesson, you'll have a finished piece of art showing off your world. 

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  • Nature or Nurture

    Gather references for your environment. It's highly recommended that you find these yourself. You could go outside and take photos for nature inspiration, or look through your old vacation photos for buildings. You can also use images from the internet if you need. 

  • Enter the Multiverse

    Create several quick thumbnails for your environment. Try entirely different scenes, as well as different angles of the same scene. You never know what might spark your inspiration, so just let your imagination run wild. 

  • Wonderful World of Color

    Choose the environment thumbnail you like best and turn it into a full color painting. For extra credit, play with LUTs and color balance to create alternate versions of your image.

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