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Lesson 1 in Creative Illustration

Lesson Information

In this lesson you'll come up with the characters, world and story that you'll use throughout the rest of the course. Amin will take you through a few exercises to decide on a genre and logline, before diving into references and thumbnail sketching. Don't be afraid to experiment here- you never know what might inspire you!

In a World...

Come up with a basic storyline concept for the artwork you'll make in the course. You'll continually come up with more ideas as you experiment with sketches and designs in future chapters, so this doesn't need to be more than a few lines. 

For ideas on environments, characters and more, visit our free Brief Builder tool:

Building the Library

Find reference images for the characters, environment, props and other aspects of your story. Gather these images on a PureRef board so you can easily access them later while making your artwork. 

Tiny Worlds

Draw 10 basic thumbnails representing your story. These can be anything from a poster design to a general exploration of a single character. Let your creativity guide you in this stage, and don't worry about specifics. For extra credit, do at least 5 more thumbnails.


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Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

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