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Lesson 4 of 6 Cinematic Concept Design

Now it's time to bring it all home. Using the assets you've gathered, John will teach you to composite everything together in Photoshop. Covering everything from framing to fine details, you'll learn everything you need to bring your final image to life.

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  • Assignment

    Based on the set you’ve built, gather 50 high resolution references from google or Flickr that relate to the perspective and subject of your image and compile them into a mood board for review. Break them into these categories (Base Plate, Ground Plane, Props, Figures, Lighting, and Texture).

    Create your final cinematic image for your scenario and lighting choice that reflects the aesthetics of your chosen cinematographer’s style.

  • Extra Credit

    Create an additional cinematic image for your scenario using cinematography techniques to create an alternate mood for your scene.

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