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Lesson 1 in Cinematic Concept Design

Lesson Information
The road to creating a powerful image starts with identifying what makes one. To kick things off, John will teach you how to study film, cinematography, and composition. Using these techniques, you'll learn to create graphic breakdowns and exercise your understanding.

1. Gather 25 film stills from a movie from one of the cinematographer’s listed and create a mood board based on their palette (set design), lens choices, and lighting/mood. Isolate each major look into columns.

2. Digitally create 3 graphic breakdowns from 3 chosen film stills. The first 3 should still be somewhat representative of the film still.

Extra Credit

In addition to the assignment, create 6 more graphic breakdowns where the first 3 should be purely abstract representations of the film stills. And the other 3 should be black and white graphic/abstract compositions using just basic shapes to show the shape contrast.


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