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Lesson 6 in Artistic Portrait Photography

Lesson Information

We enter post-production and begin the final phase of image creation. Jingna will discuss file management in post-production and explain one of the most important steps in her photography process—image selection and color processing.

1. Calibrate your display monitor. 
2. Crop, fine-tune, and process colors for all of your shoot images. Based on new adjustments, reselect top 10-15 images. 
3. Do composite test if applicable.
4. Choose best 2-5 images, and highlight your top favorite and explain why. 
1. Same as above, but based on the number of different looks or concept you did, reselect and shortlist 1-3 final images for each look and concept. 
2. Highlight your favorite image per look or concept and explain why. 


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