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Lesson 6 in Artistic Portrait Photography

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We enter post-production and begin the final phase of image creation. Jingna will discuss file management in post-production and explain one of the most important steps in her photography process—image selection and color processing.

1. Calibrate your display monitor. 
2. Crop, fine-tune, and process colors for all of your shoot images. Based on new adjustments, reselect top 10-15 images. 
3. Do composite test if applicable.
4. Choose best 2-5 images, and highlight your top favorite and explain why. 
1. Same as above, but based on the number of different looks or concept you did, reselect and shortlist 1-3 final images for each look and concept. 
2. Highlight your favorite image per look or concept and explain why. 

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You mention something interesting here, in Image Processing at 2:42, about not cropping much in post “due to the way that distortion can be on edges”. I assumed we want to avoid cropping to keep as high res as possible in the final image, but edge distortion? Interesting. Do you mean that you like to keep the effects of lens distortion on the edges of the frame? Does it look bad or unnatural to have it removed?

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