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Production Designer, Set Designer, Concept Artist, Model Maker, Graphic Designer, Drafter, Construction Supervisor and now Instructor. When you look at all the hats Mihailo Radosevic has worn, you'll see he is one of the true CG Generalists working today.
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Course Overview

Get ready to work your assets off in this course from the general of 3D generalists, Mihailo Radosevic. Using Mihailo's tried and true techniques, you'll learn a full 3D production pipeline, covering all the basics of modeling, texturing, and rendering. All of the techniques covered here were used extensively in the collaborative short film Freight, created alongside friends of Learn Squared, Milan NIkolic and Sava Zivkovic.

Lesson Plan

Meet the instructor


Software Used
3ds Max, Substance Painter, Octane Render