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Assets and Lighting

Lesson 2 of 10 Unreal Engine 5 Basics

In this lesson you’ll learn to import assets from Quixel, Epic Marketplace, or custom sources. After this, you’ll explore Lumen and the various ways to light a scene. 

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  • Assets Homework

    Try adding assets from Quixel or Epic Marketplace into a basic scene. Next, try adding in a custom asset, whether from an outside site like Sketchfab, or something you've created yourself. Finally, try replacing some of the shapes you laid out in the earlier Basic Scene Challenge Homework with these assets.

    For extra credit, try replacing everything created in your Basic Scene Challenge Homework with assets! 

  • Basic Lighting Challenge Homework

    For this challenge, bring a free environment from the UE Marketplace into your scene. Then remove or hide all the existing lights, and re-light the scene using the techniques you learned in this lesson. Have fun experimenting with different styles and ideas!

    If you'd like to use the environment Ellie used, it's called Downtown West Modular Pack.

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