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Sketching the Right Way

Lesson 1 of 1 Sketching the Right Way

Learn to approach each project like a pro — from receiving a client brief to the very first sketches you deliver for the job. We'll explore four approaches to Zahir's sketching process: sketching with lines, paint brushes, images (ie. photobashing), and in 3D.

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  • Get in Line

    Create four line sketches, taking 15-30 minutes for each image. After this, choose one of your sketches to expand into three variant versions. Finally, refine your favorite one of these into a more finished sketch. 

  • Silhouettes on the Shade

    Without worrying about content at first, create interesting blocks of values. Once you have these abstract images, begin reverse-engineering them into compositions. For extra credit, take one of your images to a higher level of detail. 

  • From Any Angle

    Create one scene in the 3D software of your choice, and then find three interesting compositions within that scene. 

  • Collecting Images

    Combine elements from various existing photographs into a series of sketches. Look at the work of other artists for inspiration, but make sure not to lift directly from someone else's art.

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