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Finalizing Sketches

Lesson 4 of 4 Sketching Everything

In this lesson, you will finalize your sketches. Kleiner will take you through several finishing methods, including line art sketches, color frames, character sheets, value sketches, and large-scale environment plans.

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  • Character Sheet Homework

    Create a set of refined character sheets. For specific characters, first refine the full-body sketch you created in the brainstorm stage. Then add 3 zoomed-in detail shots outside the main sketch. Finally, for each character, compile their full-body and detail shots onto an attractive page for presentation.

    If your world involves general citizen characters, create more refined versions of each of the characters you've laid out on the general citizens character sheet during the brainstorming stage.

  • Color Sketching Basics Homework

    First, find a set of powerful references that inspire you specifically through their use of color. After this, choose just one of these references to use for what comes next. Using the template PSD included in this lesson's course files, create three different color sketches using each of the coloring methods shown in this chapter.

    For extra credit, try doing this homework again, but using a different color reference as the base to pull from. You can even try using a combination of two color references for these designs. 

  • Character Color Frames Homework

    Create a color sketch for any character you feel would benefit from this treatment.

    For Beginner Students: Add color to an existing piece of refined character art.

    For Advanced Students: Create a new pose for one of your characters, specifically designed for this color stage. 

  • Location Line Art Refinement Homework

    Refine the line art for 2-4 location sketches you created in the brainstorming phase. There will be more sections focusing specifically on line art finishing techniques later in this lesson, so you don't have to fully finish your line art sketches now. It's enough to clean up the lines of your original sketches and add extra details, to prep them for what's coming next.

    For extra credit, pick 2 brainstorm sketches you didn't originally think you'd take to the finishing stage, and refine the line art for those. You may find that they become new favorites! 

  • Location Color Sketch Homework

    Create one color sketch for a location in your world. When choosing a sketch to finalize in this way, think of which scenes would benefit the most from the addition of color.

    For extra credit, pick one or two more location sketches to turn into color frames. 

  • Environment Value Sketch Homework

    Create a value sketch based on one of the locations you created in the brainstorming stage. After this, use line art to sketch close-up details of things that appeared in your value sketch. Then lay everything out on a single large page for final presentation.

    For extra credit, create one more of these environment value sketch planning sheets. 

  • Environment Line Art Homework

    Create a large-scale environment plan using the line art style. With this one, take the opportunity to zoom into much smaller details than in previous sketches. Finally, lay out your main line art sketch, along with all the detail drawings, on a single large page for presentation.

    For extra credit, create 1-2 more of these line art sketch planning sheets. 

  • Environment Exploration Homework

    Create a large-scale planning sheet that utilizes this chapter's environment exploration technique. Don't be afraid to go back to the brainstorming stage for this homework. We're trying to create a more complete understanding of this place through sketching different facets not pictured in the main image. Finally, lay out your main sketch and all the extra sketches on a single large page for presentation.

    For extra credit, create one more of these environment exploration planning sheets.

  • Remaining Finished Sketches Homework

    Now that you've tried each of the finishing methods featured in this course, it's time to go back and finish any of the other images you haven't yet brought to the final stage.

    Not every brainstorm sketch needs to be finalized, and you don't need to use as diverse a set of finishing methods as Kleiner does after this point. It's okay to prefer some methods over others, and specialize in certain finishing techniques.

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