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Character Brainstorming

Lesson 3 of 4 Sketching Everything

Once you’ve created a set of locations, it’s time to design the characters who populate them. You will begin by brainstorming looks and costumes. Then you’ll create specialized scenes depicting these characters’ lives.

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  • Figure Sketching Basics Homework

    Loosen up your sketching hand by creating a bunch of quick character sketches. The objective here is not to create perfect characters, or even good ones. Instead, you should focus on simply putting ideas down on the page quickly, and without self-consciousness.

    For Beginner Students: Create 10 full-body sketches and 10 face sketches.

    For Advanced Students: Create 20 full-body sketches and 20 face sketches.

    NOTE: If you're not comfortable drawing bodies or faces, you can use Kleiner's template PSD included in this lesson's downloadable course files.

  • Character Brainstorm Homework

    Identify any specialized characters you'd like to appear in your world. Then, for each of these characters, create three designs for their look and costume.

    For extra credit, create 5-10 designs for general citizens who will populate your scenes. 

  • Citizen Context Explorations Homework

    Using the character designs you've come up earlier, create some scenes specifically with them in mind. You can place them in the locations you've already come up with, but using new camera angles. This will let you focus in closer on these scenes, while also exploring new ways to view your existing environments.

    Create two sets of context exploration sketches in two different locations, for a total of four sketches.

    For extra credit, create two more sets of sketches in two more locations.

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