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City Brainstorming

Lesson 2 of 4 Sketching Everything

In this lesson, you will get a closer view of your environment. At first, you will establish various general scenes showing daily life, before starting to design the look of specific locations that might be more important to the story.

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  • General Scenes Homework

    Create sketches of a general location scene in your world. Focus on showing what daily life might look like for whoever lives there.

    For Beginner Students: Create 2 total sketches.

    For Advanced Students: Create 4 total sketches.

  • Specialized Locations Homework

    Create a set of 4-6 specialized location sketches for your world. Try to vary the types of places you show, and the energy levels on display.

    For extra credit, try expanding on one of your specialized locations by creating 1-2 extra sketches from different angles, communicating different feelings within that part of your world. 

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