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Meet Kleiner (Again)

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Blocking in Colors

Lesson 1 of 5 Painting Everything

In this lesson, you will plan out your world, gather reference, and begin blocking in the colors for your first set of paintings. 

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  • Planning the Paintings Homework

    Come up with a basic concept for your project, then collect a set of references and inspirations on a PureRef board. Finally, write a list of some of the images you might want to create and a few details about each.

    NOTE: You can use the free app PureRef (www.pureref.com) to organize reference images.

  • Color Blocking Homework

    Do the color blocking for all your Specialized Locations scenes. It's okay if some are more detailed than others, though in general you don't need to worry much about detail at this stage. Take your time and do your best!

    For extra credit, try doing the color blocking for one of your Small-Scale Environments, Character-Focused Scenes or Landscapes.

  • Initial Sketches Homework

    Now it's time to create rough sketches for each of the four categories we'll be covering in this course: Specialized Locations, Small-Scale Environments, Character-Focused Scenes and Landscapes. Don't worry about your sketches being perfect, or even good! They only need to be enough to serve as jumping off points for your paintings.

    For this assignment you'll want to make at least two sketches in each of the four categories listed above, for a total of at least 8 sketches.

    For extra credit, create one more sketch in each of the four categories, meaning you'd have a total of at least 12 sketches in all. 

  • Color Blocking Prep Homework

    Find painting-specific reference for each of your planned Specialized Location paintings, separating the images on a PureRef board into the four categories mentioned earlier: Information, Mood, Color Choice and Texture.

    For extra credit, try doing the color blocking for one of your Specialized Location images. Make sure to keep things rough, and not be too judgmental about your color choices. There will be plenty of time for refinement later! 

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