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Lesson 4 in HUD Design

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Bring your HUDs to the next level by integrating them into a scene and compositing final renders. Ash will cover several techniques to make your design as appealing as possible, and cover tips on how to best present your work. The final portion of the lesson will cover workflows to prepare files for animation, which you can follow up in our HUD Animation course by Ryan Cashman.


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I need to say I love Ash's work especially his films on vimeo. But I also have to say that I'm really disappointed by his course. For 250 you'll get the basics of symmetry, minimalism design with dot and line work and some knowledge how to manage different layers in Adobe products and finally how to be productive as an artist. But if you are not a design-dyslexic, there is nothing special in this course. I'm a student and I haven't that much money. So in the end I wish I never bought this course.

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Just reached the end of this myself and I have to agree. Ash is an incredible artist and educator but this course should never have been sold separately to the animation course. All the useful information could have very easily been condensed into a half the time (probably less). I expect a lot of this was L2 finding their feet early on as a learning resource but I have to say I feel a little bit like I've wasted my money on this one (again not trashing L2 or Ash though)

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