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Building a Kit

Lesson 2 of 8 Environment Concept Art

You'll now use ZBrush to transform abstract shapes into various different buildings, props and other elements. By the end of this lesson, you will have your own custom-created kit.  

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  • Building Objects from Shapes Homework

    Now it's time to create your own set of objects by using your shape templates. Try to keep an open mind as you work, and capitalize on any happy accidents that occur. You never know when a compelling shape might present itself. Don't worry much about texture or color, only on the quick and dirty process of creating large amounts of content. 

  • Basic Texture Homework

    Using the methods Pablo showed in this chapter, add color and dirt to your assets. These details don't need to be perfect at this stage, but this initial pass will at least remove some of the CG look. That there will be further refinements later in the course.

  • Creating the Kit Homework

    Gather all your created objects together, decimate them, and do anything needed to prepare a clean file.

    If you're comfortable with Blender, you can also bring your objects into Blender during this homework. If not, you can wait until the next lesson, where Pablo will go over more of the basics of Blender, to bring in your assets.

    Note: You can find a link to the GoB plugin (for ZBrush to Blender transfer) in this lesson's downloadable project files. 

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