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Designing Futuristic Visuals

Lesson 1 in Designing Futuristic Visuals

Lesson Information

Create eye-popping visuals straight out of the future under the guidance of industry-leader Toros Kose. Learn Toros's process for approaching projects, designing assets, and compiling everything together into compelling styleframes with animation.

Big Ideas

Come up with a concept for your art. Like Toros, you may want to use an existing IP as a starting point before making it your own. Make sure to tie the look of this design to its larger thematic context. Once this is finished, find reference images to help inspire your work moving forward. 

Tip: If you want help coming up with ideas for your design, you can use our free online tool:

Unlock Your Creativity

Before starting on your design for this course, try doing Toros' blocking exercise. Keep things fast and experimental, and don't hesitate to start on new blockouts when you run out of ideas. Later, you may even use some happy accidents from this exercise in your final design! 

Holding Out for a Hero

It's now time to work on the main visual object in your design. It's fine if you need to try a few ideas before landing on one that you like. As soon as you have a rough design that works, try bringing it into After Effects and experimenting further. 

Just My Type

Create whatever kinds of text-based elements your design calls for. This could range from small supporting items to main titles. For extra credit, customize your chosen typeface with added visual concepts. 

Recommended Font Websites: 

I've Got No Strings

Breathe some life into your creation by animating it in After Effects. Consider the look and theme of the design, as well as the context it will live in, when adding animated elements. Upload your finished animation to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

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