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Core Concept

Lesson 1 of 4 Concept Architecture

Start things off by diving into the DNA of your project. Maxim will teach you to gather your thoughts, work with references, and build a visual foundation. You'll then learn to make sketches and illustrations to lay the groundwork for your images.
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  • Assignment

    Find 20 reference images to build your foundation for the project. Paint 4 composition sketches choosing one of the keywords from the list below, or choose your own.

  • Extra Credit

    In addition to the assignment, paint 4 more concept illustrations, and then write a short story to supplement your designs and ideas.

  • Keywords

    Military Base, Industrial Facility, Futuristic Cemetery, Living Modules, Skyscraper, Bridge, Gallery Space, Alien Spaceship, Research Facility, Attic, Laboratory, Abandoned Space Structure

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