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Advanced 3D

Lesson 3 in 3D Matte Painting

Lesson Information

In this Lesson you will do the majority of your scene's modeling work. You will go over shaders, color spaces, effects, and vegetation. After this, you will render your scene and be ready for the upcoming final step in the process.

Detailing Your 3D

Bring your 3D scene to the highest level of detail possible, and then render. 

Extra Credit

Experiment with the 3D. You could even go a step further by animating some people or objects. This is a useful skill for generalists, as it is sometimes requested by clients. 


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Volumes are rendered separately they are not part of the rsvolumescattering.

Go to the hypershade and add a RedshiftVolume node and assign it to your volume. Then you will have to assign density channel for it to display something in the render

it's a bit hard to follow yeah, most of the videos are x3/X4 i think, and they are not all in the Archive.. but it's gonna come with practice, need to learn the soft between lessons

Lesson Plan