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    • Modo
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Octane

    Jan Urschel teaches

    Production Concept Art

    Your concept art will never be the same. Industry veteran Jan Urschel is here to show you how to build major production assets following a professional brief. By covering architecture, design and visualization, learn to approach your concept art from a theoretical and technical standpoint. With Jan's help, learn how to be a DOP of your own creations.

    Over 7 hours of training!


    • Modo
    • Adobe Photoshop

    John Sweeney teaches

    Cinematic Concept Design

    Create stunning works of art by implementing the powerful language of film. Follow along as concept artist John Sweeney teaches you to create a cinematic image from start to finish. Covering everything from film analysis, to photoshoots, to 2D/3D workflows, this course should prove invaluable for both beginners and experts alike.

    Over 11 hours of training!


    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe Photoshop

    Jingna Zhang teaches

    Artistic Portrait Photography

    Join award­-winning photographer Jingna Zhang on creating compelling fine art portrait photography. Together with Jingna's professional Apprentice, you will learn the process of crafting a unique, creative photoshoot. Beginning with the basics of photography, Jingna will walk you through all the steps in production, lighting, retouching and post-­production.

    Over 5 hours of training!