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Trying different approaches

For this week I wanted to get very comfortable with this workflow which meant I had to be able to apply this to my own work. (like I have been doing from the beginning) I made renders in different programs but was blown away by the power of octane and used it as a base for all of this. The first image is basically just a 3d render with some small overpaints and modifications. The second however I started in black and white since I used a different render engine. Then remade it in Octane and painted it over till I was satisfied. All elements fit inside my worldbuilding project.

I will give a small backstory so you understand it better: Children of the sun is an worldbuilding project that is focused on the adventure stealth genre and touches upon philosophical subjects like religion power and suffering. The religion in this world is based around the sun, people practice their faith by decorating their living space with symbolism of the sun. This starts very early on with children drawing direct images of the sun with chalk. Later on more indirect symbolism takes place in the architecture of houses and interior. In this particular scene 2 guards are looking for a member of the resistance. One guard uses his charm to show the man in red that they mean no trouble. The man points towards the direction he saw the rebel go. Each element has a purpose within this image and is supposed to confey story, architecture, atmosphere and certain gameplay mechanics. 

I hope you like it! I sure enjoyed making this and there will be much more to come.
More info about this project can be found here:

Homework: Assignment

overpaint 3d renders to industry standard.


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