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A new world has opened for me

This project focuses on a world I have had in my head for the past 3 years. Not once was I able to create work like I have here, sculpting detail into walls, understanding the layout of a place and then throwing it into a beautiful render. Its something different. 

Homework: Assignment

3d coat, octane and U-render

A while ago I bought U-render which is a plugin for cinema4d. At the time I thought it was great and a good subsitute for Octane. However..
I decided to give the Demo version a shot and follow Paul along with this journey. By the end of it I was sold and decided to buy both Octane and 3d coat. (sold my liver figuratevily). Octane combined with 3d coat is incredibly powefull, the light and detail combined with textures makes it so photorealistic from the get go it makes it incredibly easy to overpaint and iterate quickly. I added my U-renders below as well, I think the difference is quite clear. 

Hope you enjoy the renders!


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