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Stormy Coast, Gothic Inspired Electrical Plant

The mood I wanted to portray with these thumbnails were dark, stormy, sinister, and mysterious. Scientific experiments in this plant have developed into a world-changing tool, the ability to influence the weather. Looking at the different facilities, one would consider it abandoned, but there is more activity going on underground. This might be worth creating more thumbnails to flesh out what the underground tunnels or caves might look like.

Homework: Assignment

Developing my Own Way of World Building

These lectures have improved my way of building/visualizing environments, especially since I'm specialized as a 3D Artist. I always longed to find a way to quickly portray my ideas and make them concrete. The biggest obstacle as a creator is finding a good balance between speed and depth, these thumbnails took at least 25 hours to create. That said, creating more 2D thumbnails and drawings will only improve speed and efficiency.


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