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A glimpse of a future Sydney Harbour

I know it's an overdone topic but I wanted to do a megacity background to my home, Sydney.

Our landscape is quite flat except for the CBD so I thought it would be cool to see the classic Sydney Harbour view with a megacity backdrop while still holding that beautiful sunset lighting and colour.

Homework: Assignment

Initial Thumb Sketches

Thumb sketches are still hard for me as I lack proper perspective skills.

The first set of sketches were more of an extension to what Paul was saying in the tutorials; trying to bash together the world's and to give them a rough shape and context.

However I got a bit lost in the ideation as the context and idea base was too vague.

The second set of sketches uses the Sydney Harbour with the Bridge and Opera House as a base point. This gave me a more grounded set of thumbs as I could focus more on the orientation of the buildings within the bay and how it would look from existing photography.

My favourite of them all is No. 1 from the second set. It's a sick hero shot of the bay and I imagine the large structures in the back with some atmospheric smog and sunset lighting & colour.

Homework: Extra Credit

Notan Sketches

I've called Black and White sketches 'Notan' since I found out about the word.

This process is incredibly hard as I find you need to visualise your world first before even understanding where to put the shadows. Paul does it almost effortlessly which is both inspirational and crazy.

I struggled to begin the process as I was trying to understand what Brutalism X Middle Eastern X Modern Architecture would look like. I focused on what Paul said and just started with basic silhouette of shapes and mostly using shapes from picture reference and bashing them with larger forms.

The second set of of 4 I focused on fleshing out what the Megacity would look like. I started incorporating more of the custom brushes and Paul's technique of 'removing what isn't interesting' which helped a lot as it gave a good starting point of form and detail. The last frame of the 2nd set really solidified a good silhouette and some basic architecture bashing to give me a good base idea.

The third set I'm definitely proud of as it came out very close to how I visualized it. I tried to focus on how the Megacity towers would fit within a city landscape, taking inspiration from Hong Kong and similar high density housing areas.

I struggled to find different angles of how I could represent the towers but I'm proud of the bottom right as it is a marries the architecture bashing with an existing city landscape without looking too post apocalyptic.


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