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Loving the course so far. its taking me far longer then what i would like to. Its all very new to me. using shadow in a somewhat correct way was breaking my brain. i am excited to keep practicing. I can't wait to use some 3d i hope it will make some things easier.  i made allot of custom brushes but for some of the city stuff and mountain i used a couple of pictures i couldn't figure out how to do this with custom brush.  

Architecture: Industrial/Brut  + Setting :  Nature/city  + Time period:  a few decades from now

There are underground facilities housing AI which by now is fully autonomous. To regulate temperature they use giant airducts and water cooling systems to regulate the temperature.  Most humans have crossed over to a full artificial existence the ones who have not live close to the facilities in some cases hired to do maintenance.  I wanted to make an underground view of the gigantic server facilities but for the life of me i can't figure out how to draw it.

I made some really rough sketches as part of the homework. I have a rough idea that every floor houses a different country.

Homework: Assignment

Homework 1


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