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Children of the sun

Children of the sun is a project I have been working on for a very long time. So When I saw this worldbuilding course I just had to get it. 
It focuses on an Island amidst clouds, wood is a rare resource and the people are hash and sunbaked. 

Homework: Assignment

Eye opening excersize

I loved learning about the brush preset tool, once I understood how it worked I went through all my own photo material and tried to make as many brushes as possible that I think suit my world and architecture. It is a great way to figure out larger scale compositions and get interesting shapes going. 
My first two images (with only 2 values) took me a long time, it was my goal here to really understand how this technique worked and what the possibilities are. 
After I felt comfortable with that I went on to make the 4 dramatic compositions with a bit more detail and eye for vocal points. 

Things I picked up:
-brush making
-idea generation 
-grounding your world


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