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Assigment 01 - Telling a Story

Due to the Earth heating up, continents that once had rich vegetation have slowly burned completely to sand. All of what's left are small tribes, in search of vital areas to practice agriculture on the last richest soils available.

Homework: Assignment

Assigment 01 - Prop and story thumbnails

The inspiration started after watching The Book of Boba Fett's second episode. The desert landscape, speeder bikes, tribes of Tusken Raiders. I decided to publish only the first storyboard image because I really suck at drawing and I already have a decent picture of what I'm aiming for, in my head (Well, I hope so!)

1st Keyframe: A scavenger on the hunt for valuable soils finds its way near another tribe's camp already well established...
2nd: He waits until dark to steal some reserves, but as he gets up, he sees a young child staring at him.
3rd: He decides to leave, without anything, showing what's left of being.


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