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After global warming, the world changed forever, most of the land disappeared, as did cities.
People dive underwater in search of valuable resources.
New dangerous species of creatures have formed in the blue depths of the seas and oceans.
They came out of the melting ice after warming. The world was flooded with prehistoric animals.

Homework: Assignment


1. An underwater capsule is lowered from the air platform for the next resource hunt.
2. The capsule lands in dark deep water, where previously there was an industrial zone.
3. The main characters manage to find some of the necessary resources.
4. They continue the search, but on the tail behind them hides a creature.
5. A monster attacks our capsule.
6. The animal bit the hull of the submarine.
7. The capsule falls into the underwater current, washes them in an unknown direction, wounds the creature through scrap metal.


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