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Theme and backround


This is the first course I have taken at Learned squared, It feels exciting to be part of it!

In my story I want to tell about the search for the fountain of youth. It's based on an old
myth about the legendary fountain that will stop you from aging. It is well hidden and very few have found it.

The legend of the fountain of youth is an exciting story, it is mystical and triggers the desire to explore and search for a sacred and forbidden place.
The Spanish explorer Ponce de león, who lived in the late 1400s and early 16th century is said acording to the legend to have searched for and found the fountain in the carribean.

Homework: Assignment

Story description, storyboard, sketches and refs

The story I want to tell during this course takes place in the 18th century, where a new group of explorers searches for and finds the fountain.
They enter a remote hidden cave by boat, where they first find the wreck of Ponce de león's ship. Then they find the fountain of youth and finally
drinks from it.

My hought is that the fountain of Youth is in a cave like the references I have collected.
I have explored the design of how the fountain itself looks on many different sketches, I have so far not chosen what design to choose to go on with.
I´ve explored different interpretations of the fountain where some variants of the design feel more created by nature itself and others where it feels
more done by humans (or possibly gods).

One detail I think of is turtles swimming around in the water. Because turtles are known to live
for a long time they can symbolically represent eternal youth. They are also drawn to the place.

Homework: Process


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