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Fan-made DLC Concept Development

I've been kicking around this idea I had when I first started playing HS:SB last year. As a big Homeworld / Blackbird Interactive fan, this was just such an obvious DLC content idea, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I'm an Art Director / Production Designer working in LA designing sets and concepts for development television shows. In my free time, I work on silly things like this and I am very keen to create personal work that might allow me to transition to video games or feature films at some point. All critiques welcome, please and thank you!

Homework: Assignment

Story Summary and Initial Thumbnails / PROWLER Exploration

Some knowledge of the basic gameplay and concept of Hardspace: Shipbreaker will help.

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Forgot to mention in the description--

All names, references, artwork, imagery, and all other elements relevant to the Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Homeworld IPs are copyright Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. Such elements serve the sole purpose of reference and inspiration within the context of this coursework. Any artwork that is my original creation will be clearly indicated