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Scout Ship Paintovers

UPDATE: I added the reworked keyframes based on Pablo's feedback.

This is my homework for the last lesson. I wanted to capture the vibe of Star Trek or Mass effect in regard of what is like to explore distant planets.

I've learnt a lot and there were a lot of "first times" during the course. First Learn Squared tutorial, first proper sketch phase, first time using Octane, first time implementing an own (and super generic :D) posed character into the scene. I knew before some of the theory but never put it into practice.

I remember that BlueGlass was the first artwork from Pablo which caught my eye on Artstation and after checking his portfolio I was really amazed. I couldn't agree more with the phrase from the trailer: "staring into the sun". I know I still have to practice a lot more, and it was sometimes a bit tiring to keep focused after work and organize my free time to polish the homeworks but the strongest feeling was excitement all along from
noticing the first video on youtube.
I'm very happy about that I took part in this course, and can't wait to start my next personal project.
This workflow will definitely provide a very solid base to built on.


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